Learn to use the filters and features of Google Flights

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Blog

While you plan for a trip Google Flights offers you plenty of feature and filters to analyze your search. Google Flights Search a big platform of search engine tool. However, how we can use them for Googleflight getting benefits. So, in this blog, we are going to tell you some of those filters, precisely what purpose they serve. We will begin with Track prices.

“Track prices” on Google flights

As the name suggests, you can enable this feature in google flights to track the fares for a while. When you are searching for a fair deal in the upcoming months, it is a great option to use — enabling it also very simple. When you are seeking between two places in Google flights, it is on the search interface left upper corner.

Drag if from left to right. Now Google will begin to send you the price alert, every time there is a Fluctuation in it whether the cost will go up or down.

Let’s now focus on the other filters as well.

What are Bags, Stops, and other filters?

We will begin with the bags. After you have searched for a flight, you need to know about the fares. It gives you the option to change the number of baggage. There is one carry-on bag, and one checked a bag for each passenger. As you increase the number of fliers, it gets changed.

The prices after updating the number will refresh. One thing you should know if, on the list, it does not matter whether there is a sign for bags or not. Check it before you are assuming the prices include a baggage fee.

The next is Stops. There is fours option in it. Any number of stops, Nonstop only, one-stop or fewer and two stops are more infrequent. It is self-explanatory.


tracking price


It means if you are interested in visit another city while flying to your native location, you can use the one-stop option. However, make sure the layover at the airport is more than ten hours, so you can have enough time to visit the town.  if you want to know about Flight deals from Philadelphia To San Diego in Google flights and How to select dates on Google Flights for holiday trip.

Then next is an airline. When you want to fly, there are several airlines companies to select. If there is one company which you are fond of, you can get it from here. Generally, passengers who are using frequent flier programs use it. It increased the points.

The next is the price. If you are short on money, drag it down to what you prefer. Now Google flights will show you only those flights which are under the prices, you needed. One of the most important features to use.

After that, it is a time option. If you want to catch the airplane at a certain, you can do it. It allows you to select the time from the arrival city as well.

Then there is connecting airports. Here choose the option which is a nearby airport, if you are flexible about them.

So, these are the filters in google flights. You can use to find ideal flights for yourself. We hope When the next time, you want to search for a plane, you will use them.

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