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Google Flights is one of the search engines on the internet, if you are plan for the family trip, and business trip, slow, etc. you can search cheap flights tickets simply go to our Google Flights search page and find your flights tickets departure time and date, etc. you can get all the information our google flight official site with great deals.

In 2019, Google Flights are some features are added and reconfigure others. They are guide and will help you get the most out of Google Flights, and, hopefully, find even more best cheap flights in your pockets or budget.

Easy to set departure and arrival locations on Google Flights


Go to the homepage, if you get the homepage type in where you want to fly from and where you want to fly to, along with your preferred dates. Here’s some example.’

One thing remember that you can put up to seven airports in each box, separated by commas, if you are looking for a cheap trip to anywhere Europe, for example, You can place your destination as “LHR, CDG, AMS, CPH, BCN, FCO, MXP” to see if the cheapest flight from Chicago to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Rome or Milan. Where.

Always remember that some cities with multiple airports have city codes. These include NYC (New York City) or WAS (Washington DC), which counts for 3 because NYC = JFK, LGA, EWR and WAS = DCA, IAD, BWI.

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Easy to select dates on GOOGLE FLIGHTS


You can easily select a date with Google flights search. If you are In order to find the cheapest dates in your google trip, simply click the departure date box. The prices for 2 months will pop up, with the cheapest dates in green. There could be cheaper flights dates in future months that Google Flights will only find. When you click the right arrow to scroll to later months.

Note for the Google cheap flights


The Google Flights lists a few up top that they pay attention to be the “Best departing flights” taking into account factors like price and routing. It can still be worth taking a look at the “Other departing flights” to see if any of those work better for your flight’s schedule.

If you notice a +1 next to the arrival time listed, on a Google Flights plan, it means your flight arrives the next day (or 2 days later if it says +2)

How to book flights on Google Flights

Once a while you’ve decided on a google departure flight, click on it google flights official site. You’ll then be prompted to choose a corresponding return. Assuming book flights tickets in the round-trip fare in show in your screen.

If you want to go back and change the departure flight and some change in your trip plan do not worry all is your hand in all you do in Click on the example above where it says “ORD-VCE Tue, Sep 19” on the top left. Click on the example above where it says “ORD-VCE Tue, Sep 19” on the top left

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Easy to get map view on Google Flights

One of the convenient, hidden features of Google Flights is the ability to pull up a map and see cheap flights across an entire country or region, though note that to get full use of this feature you need to be on a desktop or mobile.

To draw up the map, click the three lines in the upper left corner and select and find out Map. Google Flights will change to a map view and you can zoom in anywhere on the map to see more fares knows everything about Google flights Airlines. if you want more know about Everything about Google flights Price Guarantee features.


Google Flights are refund funds policy


They are Google Flights is a search engine page and the flights are actually booked directly with the airline, refunds are up to each airline’s policy. Like and show on our website.

In the United States, the Department of Transportation’s “24-hour rule” make sure that you can cancel your flight within 24 hours of ticket purchase and get a full refund. The rule applies to any flight departing from the US, so unless the ticket was booked directly with the airline, and was booked for at least 7 days

We estimate that approximately 10% of purchases are canceled in the end by mistake.


In instances where an airline or online travel agency decides not to honor a ticket purchase, you are almost always informed within 72 hours (and usually even sooner).

The more effective the mistake, the higher the like it won’t be distinguished. A $250 round-trip economy flight from NYC to Paris is more likely to get honored than the same flight for $100 round-trip in first class.

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