How to save money with Google Flights while travelling?

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Blog

If you travel frequently, there is a chance; you might already know about Google Flights. However, it does not mean you should not know about Google Flights. There are tons of travel websites on the internet, who claim to give to the lowest price for a trip. However, as soon as you want to book them, there are going to be a booking charge and sometimes hidden fees as well. However, Google Flights does not charge anything for providing a cheap flight deal. If you are a novice travelers, who want to know the secrets, then read the blog to know about those secrets.

What are those features in Google Flights

So, there are few things you can in Google Flights to save some dollars. We start with the simple things. Let’s say you go to the website. On the flight search interface. You enter the departure, arrival and the dates. Now you can see the list of all the flights. The first thing you can check is Date grid. Date grid is a feature to see the prices on various dates. You will see the airfare will change day by day. So, if you can adjust your travel schedules, then you are; you save some money.

The second thing is to see nearby airports. If there are more than one airport in a city, it will, however, in the option ‘Nearby airports’. Sometimes the larger airports have high price than the smaller airport. If you can choose smaller airport, do it.

The third thing you can do is to enable track prices. It is on the left upper corner. When you allow it, Google Flights send you regular updates about latest price. So, when you see lower prices, you can instantly book the tickets.

Till now what we have told you is straight forward tips. However, there are some tricks in Google flights, which are excellent. Let’s explore it.

Save money

Go to the main page on the site. Here enter the name of any city in the departure option from where you will take your flight. Click on search. After it, you will see many trips from the destination you have chosen. However, right now, there are no cheap flight deals on the list. if you want more know about Flight deals from Philadelphia To San Diego in Google flights.

You will see a date section on the upper section. Go to the option. Here you will see two choices. First is specific date and second is flexible dates. We need to choose flexible dates. After that, choose a month. If you are not sure about it, choose ‘All Lowest In last you have selected the time period for your holiday trip.

Click on done. Now, the list for various destinations will get updated again. However, this time, you will see flight deals. Some deals are going to be cheap to travel to. In some cases we have seen, you get at least 50% discount on a route when it is compared to regular airfare. Like we said before, Google flights won’t charge you anything for booking a flight. So, this is an area where you can save some money as well

flights deals

The thing is, here you will get a cheap flight deal, but you do not control the dates or timing of the flight. So this is where you need to be flexible with your dates. Another important thing is, most of the airline do not include baggage fee on these deals. You need to travel light, otherwise, you are going to pay extra.

There is one another option, but it is not related to Google Flights. Whenever you are looking to book a flight, check to see if there is a layover. If there is enough time, you can go to the city. Technically, you are saving your hard-earned money.

So, travelers, we have shared our tips and tricks if you find something more interesting hard-earned let us know.

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