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How to Book Cheap Flights with Google Flights ?

Google Flights

Google Flights – How to Book Cheap Flights on Google ? Or How to use googleflights search engine page ?

If you are looking forward to know more about google flights, go read this thread till last. As we know there is a huge competition among the travel companies ,airlines etc. And with the increase in the travel industry as people are opting more travel via flights. How can google be behind on this ? Earlier with less competition, prices of the tickets were high but now those days are gone. You can choose from different flights and different travel companies to get you on board.

Google Flights Makes Your Flight Booking Experience  Even Better

And now with the google coming in this sector, they are playing it really hard. They have the traffic on their keywords and with that they can divert the traffic to their websites and get more benefit. So google created their own search which tells you about the flights. So, bid “Goodbye” to those tiring times, when you need to check each airlines website. Or visit a travel agent’s office, just to book a ticket. Say “Hi” to Google flights which will make your travel go easy. Now, you must be wondering, what exactly is it and how does it work, right? Don’t’ worry you are on the right page. First let get the basics clear.

Google Flights Search

So what do you think, What Is Google Flights?

Now, let us tell you that it is NOT a travel company or any agency. It is a tool which they developed that lets you search for flights and compare them. In 2011, They are working on this from last 8 years. Google purchased ITA Software in 2011 and they are right now working as affiliate. Google flights let you choose with ease, some other aspects are ;

1.You can search with routes. 2.Check for prices 3.Flight schedule 4.Nearby Convenience or establishment. 5.Preferred flights from one destination to another.

But again Why Google Flights? Are they best ?

The one of the main reasons why we should google flights is being its convenience. It is fast no doubt and easy to use. And yes, it allows you to plan your trip without any hassle.

Best features:

Google as we know it is the first trillion dollar company . They have adequate amount of resources to build any tool. Their team is the best in terms of others. But what are the best features about google flights.

1.Fare Price Alerts in one go

On your phone, you can recieve Google flights price alerts. They have algorithms designed in such a way they can tell you the price correctly. You can link your gmail account and get notifications delivered to your account as well. Thst is great we guess. If the price drops, you will get notified about it with a green box so that you can save money.

Price Alerts

2. Track your Flight Price historical Trends

Googleflights search help us in tracking historical prices. You can ask Google to monitor flight fares, and you will get notification on your account. This is ideal for frequent flyers or if you are someone who flies the same route frequently. But you should be doing this before departing the flight. Also it can be done after you opted the arrival and departure flights to track the price of a specific airline. ( Google will continue to send you price predictions until the flight which you selected takes off.  So you can use this for future.

Price Graph

3. Travel Dates Popup Calender

The best main feature which we will be discussing is they have a popup calendar. This calender displays the daily prices, in cases, you have flexible travel dates to go with. It is there when you select dates.

Travel Dates

4.  You can track flight delays

You don’t have to wait at the airport, just because your flight got delayed? This is yet another reason to use Google search. It is best and will let you know the real time updates within the seconds.

Flight Delays Google Flights

5. Google Map

With the best map in hand google maps you can decide your travel. Google will tell you places to visit and you can explore more. This feature will allow you to quickly plan.

Map Google Flights


Google flights search page is the best to search and find the best travel packages. So you can decide whether you want to use any third party tool or a billion dollar industry tool.. It is totally upto you.You can use Kapsky to  book flights We would suggest you to use the google search page to get the best results possible in any way.

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