Enjoy Winter Deal from Los Angeles Via Google Flights

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Blog

We are going to give you an offer; you won’t be able to refuse. Rest assured, there are going to be no extra charges for it. We were searching for a flight deals in Google flights when we stumbled upon this deal. So we are going to share them with you. There are three different locations with three different dates.

So, whether you want to have a holiday or planning a business trip, both are Good. Follow the instruction; we are going to give, you and soon, you will have cheap flight deals from Los Angeles Via Google flights.  

What is the offer from Google Flights? 


So, the process is quite easy. There are no promo codes or installing an app or something like it. First, go to Google Flights site. You can either do it on the smartphone or the computer.When you are on the website, You will see flight interface. Enter the name ‘Los Angeles’ in the departure option. Don’t type anything into arrival option. Do you see the map below? Click on it. 

Here you will see the deals and save money. The first three places are New York, Washington, D.C, and Seattle. There are two things you can see here. The dates for the trip and how much it is lower.  To understand it better, let’s take an example of New York. When we check the dates, they are between  19 October and 26 October 2019. 

The airfare for this trip is less than $150. However, if you are seeing the airfare on other days, it would cost you more then $250 for a round trip. If you do not believe us, click on the name. On the next page, you can see the massive price difference. Click on the view flights. Now, Google flights are showing you the list of all the airlines. if you want know more about Flight deals from Philadelphia To San Diego in Google Flights.


Flights Deals

While the cheapest airfare is from Spirit airlines reservations. However, after the prices increased up to $100. Google Flights is giving price guarantee which means if the prices drown down even further, then Google will pay you the difference between the booking price and dropped price. However, you need to book the tickets, 

 So, you can see how much there is a difference between the lowest prices and average prices. However, most of the cheapest flight does not provide free baggage service. So if you are traveling with family, you need to have bags. 

 Add the number of bags from the Filters option. The airfare will be updated again. Since the dates are in October, you can enable track prices option to receive the latest updates for the price. 

 Now we have explained almost everything related to it Now let’s see about hotels bookings.

cheap flights

Hotel and Explore the option


If you are concerned about hotel booking, then there is a solution for you. In Google flights, you have the option to book a hotel as well. Access it from the menu. You need to choose the place, the dates and the number of guests. Google Flights provide quite details about the hotels. You see the authentic reviews from guests who have already stayed there. Then there are photos, the price list from many websites to see if the hotel is worth its price.

Now, let’s see the explore option. If you want to know more about tourist attractions, then you can use this option. It gives you a complete list of the places you can visit what you can do in a day or what activity you can do. Google flights prepare an excellent list.

So, this is the offer from Google Flights. We are sure; you are going to enjoy these trips.

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