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Everything you want to know about Disney World Tickets

The Walt Disney World is an entertainment complex in Florida. It was opened in 1971 by the Walt Disney company. There are several attractions you can explore. We are going to tell about each of them, So next time you want to visit a theme park, Choose only Disney world Tickets and you will the best experience for yourself and your kids. You too were once a kid, weren’t you, Let’s Begin our fantastic journey of fantasy and thriller. 

How many days should you Spend at Disney world?

The trips to Disney world are highly customizable. It entirely depends upon you. There are four main theme parks. You can buy tickets to all of them, but you should not do it. Why? Because you need to be sure about spending your days. If you are free for two days, you definitely won’t buy Disney world tickets for six days. Every theme park would take around from one day to two days for a full visit. If you want to visit every theme park, it is going to take at least six and a half days. 

If you and your family are in the mood of an extended holiday, then six days are perfect. However, do not think this is the end of it. If you are focused and picky, choose something one, then go for it.  It has not only theme parks, but there are other attractions as well. They are Disney springs, The Boardwalk, Dinner shows, and the water parks. However, these are mini-adventures along with the main things. 

If you are in a mood of full relaxation and enjoyment, buy a ten days pass of Disney world tickets. You will cover everything in it.  Now we will know about the theme parks. 

The Theme parks in Disney world 

We have written it above in short. However, here, we will explain in detail. When you read about it, you will understand better about them. Then you can decide which one you want to visit.  


The four main theme parks are. 

    • Disney Hollywood studios
    • Disney Animal Kingdom animal theme park
    • Magic kingdom park 
    • Epcot
world tickets

When do you want to visit Disney World? 

This is the first question that comes to anyone minds when they are planning to visit Disney World. The things are, it depends upon the timing. At Disney World, Something is always getting created, Right now there is a Star Wars Edition getting build, So if you are a fan of Star Wars, You should wait to buy Disney World tickets. 

There is a park in Disney World, ‘Epcot,’ where a Future Transformation is also Going to Begin. 

Then there is the 50th anniversary of Disney, which will undoubtedly result in making the celebrations more significant and better. So, if you want to wait for your Disney World Tickets, You can wait. However, if you are determined to Visit it, there is no Slow season. Every month and Every Season Is Full of Happy moments, Thrilling adventures, and much Fun. So, now we are going to tell you at what time you can come here. 

We will start With Busy days. The month of October always has the most significant number of crowds. Then It is the Super Bowl weekend, MLK( Martin Luther King) Weekend. During Christmas, Till second weekend of January( Due to new years eve and Marathon weekend).  Easter Day also notices an enormous crowd. In mid-March till Mid April, one expects the Rush. So, if you love Crowd, then you can book your Disney world Tickets During these times to get a Thrilling experience. 

Now let’s move onto the Moderate busy schedule. It begins with late April till early summer vacation( late-may). From Mid July to Mid August, then late October is not crowded. One week or two weeks Before Christmas To does not have much of the crowd Compare to busiest seasons. 

In last we will cover the previous season and months.  It begins with Mid January till March. However, do not count the weekend holidays. From June to early July, it has the least Crowd. In the last From Mid august till Early October, you can expect fewer people. So, if you are a little shy, or want to visit the place is not in rush mode. This is the best time to visit. 

So, what are you waiting for, Book your world Disney Tickets for a Fun Ride, Exploring new worlds. However, You must be Curious too. For many days you should visit. Whether you can see it in one day or three days, read ahead to know more about it. 

Disney’s Hollywood Studios –

Why Disney is famous, this is the first question that comes in mind? Well for making most memorable animated movies on the planet earth. They are so iconic; no one has been able to match them. So this theme park is inspired by those movies. Here you will see the most famous Disney Hollywood movies. If you are a fan of these moves and want to see them alive, you should go ahead and buy Disney world tickets to view it.

Let’s see which movies come alive here — toy story mania, which is a 3d shooter game. You will have fun and play an intense game. If you watch the movies, you must have seen slinky, a dog which had springs. There is a dedicated roller coaster to it. It is one of the newest additions in the studios.  If you can manage, take a ride in the night, you will enjoy the lightning and the fast-paced ride. Then there is Beauty, and the beast lives storytelling on stage. The animated movie was legendary. Those who have watched it will find it interesting.

Disney Hollywood

The newest addition in this list is the Star Wars attractions. It is also another reason to buy the world Disney tickets. Those people who have been watching movies in their childhood than grow up watching. This is going to be unique for them. We will tell you about a few of the activities which happen here. To become a Jedi, you need to have training. So, it starts with a Jedi training academy. It is a small stage show for kids who had dreams of becoming a Jedi warrior. When the force awakens was released, it got updated with trials of the temple.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park

It will take a full day to visit every place in the Animal Kingdom. Those who loved the character from Disney movies will surely buy a ticket of Disney world tickets. You may read about this theme park getting covered in half a day. However, it is a deception. The thematic express is top-notch, having an aura of ambiance park.  You can save your criticism, for it, because you won’t get enough time to do it. 

 Your first ride will get started with a Kilimanjaro safari. It a natural environment introducing various kinds of animals. It is popular because of its authenticity.  If you are curious about the animals, ask the driver. They are knowledgeable about them. Since this is the first ride, you will feel good and refreshed seeing the animals

Animal Kingdom

If you watch the James Cameron movie ‘avatar,’ you will love the next attraction. It is named ‘Avatar flight of passage.’ The riders climb on the back banshee, then get linked to an avatar flying through pandora. After it, you can climb Everest through a ride called Expedition Everest. It is full of adventure and takes about ten minutes to get complete. There is festival of the lion king. It has acrobats singers to bring the movie alive. Not only do they perform, their attire, but costumes are also based on the characters from the lion king. This alone should be the reason to buy world Disney tickets. Find More Information Related to Disney World Click Here

Magic Kingdom

As the name suggests, you will encounter mysterious things in this park. It will take a full day to enjoy it while two days to experience it fully. However, it’s entirely up to you to buy Disney World tickets. It is more about experiencing the varieties you will get here rather than noticing the times.  

 There a boat ride based on the pirates of the Carribean movie. Those who have watched it will understand the significance of the boat ride.  There is a show based on Dumbo the flying elephant and peter pan’s flight. Peter pan show is one of the most popular attractions in the Disney world. Many people buy Disney world tickets only to see it. So you can understand its popularity. 


magic kingdom


There was a purpose behind opening this park. Disney wanted to blend two things. It begins with the American adventure, which is an audio show. It shows you the key moments in American history. If you are interested in how humans learned communication, you should attend the Spaceship earth show.

It’s not all about education. ‘’Frozen Ever after’ is a musical show inspired by the movie ‘Frozen.’ If you are kids and they have watched this movie, they will surely want you to buy Disney World tickets for this.

So, this was our guide to Disney park. If you are interested in a fun holiday, buy a ticket from Disney world. Come here to enjoy it.


We hope this article on Disney World Tickets will help you plan a better holiday at Disney World.

This article is for informational purposes only. Information provided here may become obsolete with new updates from Disney. All the information or details or logo or images mentioned here are copyright of Disney World.  For details info on Disney, please click here

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